Serving the Needy, Nourishing Souls

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Vallalar Thiruvadi Trust:

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At Vallalar Thiruvadi Trust, we are inspired by the teachings of the revered "Vallalar," who emphasized the profound impact of providing food to those in need. Our commitment to "Jeevagarunyam - Food for the needy" is not just a service but a pathway to attain Moksha. For over a year, we have tirelessly worked to bring this vision to life, making a difference in the lives of the less fortunate in and around the Tirupur area.

Our mission

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"At Vallalar Thiruvadi Trust, we embody compassion and service inspired by Vallalar. Our mission is to provide nourishment and hope to the underprivileged, extending a helping hand one meal at a time. We believe 'Jeevagarunyam - Food for the needy' is a sacred path to Moksha. Through community engagement, dedication, and support, we aim to create a hunger-free society, expanding our reach across Tamilnadu. Join us in weaving a tapestry of love, kindness, and sustenance for those in need, making a lasting impact on lives and nurturing the souls of our community."

Current Activity & Future Plan

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Our ongoing initiative involves providing daily dinner to the elderly within the comfort of their homes and extending support to those in need at railway stations and bus stands. This initiative is currently active in the Tirupur District, Tamilnadu, and has touched the lives of numerous individuals.

Our vision is to expand this noble cause to every corner of Tamilnadu. We aim to reach more hearts and serve the hungry, spreading the light of compassion and care across the entire state.

Join Hands

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Offering Rice, Vegetables, etc:

You can contribute to our mission by donating essential food items. Your support ensures that we can continue to provide wholesome meals to those who need it the most.

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Offering Money.

Become a monthly donor by contributing Rs.300/- before the 5th of every month. Make it a habit to give back, envisioning your contribution as a heartfelt tribute to your departed loved ones, like your Mother or Father

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Offering Service

Join our team of dedicated volunteers by offering your time and skills. Whether it's assisting in cooking, packing, or dispatching meals, your service will make a significant impact in ensuring no one goes hungry.

Latest Videos

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Our Charity Causes

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"Empowering change through compassion: Our charity causes focus on delivering food to homeless individuals, providing nourishment and hope. Join us in the fight against hunger as we strive to make a meaningful impact in the lives of those less fortunate."

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